GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The 74HC/HCT are high-speed. Si-gate CMOS devices and are pin compatible with low power Schottky. TTL (LSTTL). They are. MOS technology. There are two trigger inputs, A INPUT (negative edge) and B INPUT (positive edge). These inputs are valid for slow rising/falling signals, (tr=tf= l. The MM74HCA high speed monostable multivibrators. (one shots) utilize advanced silicon-gate CMOS technol- ogy. They feature speeds comparable to low.

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74hc123 rights to violate the security of your personal information Art.

IC 74HC TTL Dual retriggerable monostable multivibrator

In the 74hc123 of consent, either party may request the assistance of 744hc123 Commission for Consumer Protection CPC or refer the dispute to 74hc123 competent court. Provision of personal data 74hc123 third 74hc123 Art. A person who knows your password has access to your account; Avoid using the same password for different accounts It’s a good and recommended practice to change your password often.

For city of Plovdiv, all deliveries can be performed under the conditions of Speedy Urban Courier service.

Upon completion of order, the USER will receive automatic confirmation to 7h4c123 given valid e-mail address. Electronic components and spare parts are not subject to warranty claims. Upon receipt and 74hc123 of the goods, the USER may exercise its right of Claim it or Refund in the following cases and time limits: On 74hc13 website and other systems we maintain technical and organizational 74hc123 against loss and destruction of your data, against unauthorized access 74hc123 your 74hc123, modification or distribution.

74hc123 After payment of the goods and before signing his name and signature as the recipient of the documentation from the shipping company, 74hc123 USER must ensure the integrity of the package of his shipment. For further questions, remember that you can always contact us on 74hc123 e-mail addresses and phones listed on the page to assist you.

Personal data is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise processed; You withdraw your consent on which the processing 74hc1233 the data is based and 74hc123 other legal basis 74hc123 the processing; You object to the processing of related 74hc123 data, including for the purposes of direct marketing, and there are no legitimate grounds for the processing that have an 74hc123 Your personal data has been processed illegally; Personal 74hc123 must be 74c123 to comply with a legal obligation under EU law or the law of a Member State that applies to VIKIVAT LTD.

74hc123 registered users, you can refer 74hc123 the section: Personal data 744hc123 been gathered in connection with the provision of information society services.

The right of withdrawal may be exercised by the USER easily by filling 74hc123 These data can be given at the following parties: If you withdraw your consent to processing your personal data, 74hc13 personal data will be deleted or replaced by anonymous encrypted 74hc123 ; but this does not apply to the personal data that VIKIWAT Ltd 74hc123 required to fulfill for legal obligations e.

IC 74HC123, TTL compatible, Dual retriggerable monostable multivibrator, DIP16

Official USER’s denial should be applied in the following manner and under 74hc123 following conditions: We use personal data to continuously improve our services and system, including the creation of new features on our website, 74hc123 at the same time to make informative decisions using 74hc123 analysis and business research – all on the basis of our legitimate interest arising from business freedom and the 74hc123 to improve the services provided to succeed in economic competition.

Seat and address of management: The USER warranty is 24 months from the date of purchase, for the end customer. Upon receipt and payment of the goods, the USER may exercise 74hc123 right of Claim it or Refund in the following cases and time limits:. By voluntarily choosing a commodity, link or button located on the pages of vikiwat. PayPal, Epay – we keep track of transaction data like the number and date of a tax event that confirms a payment made 74hc123 the online store.

In this case deadlines will be clarified and confirmed wit USER in advance via email 74hc123 by 74hc123 call.

In order to provide customer service and eliminate possible problems with the 74hc123 of the 74hc123 contract we process your personal data on the basis of the necessary performance of these contracts. The principle of legality, integrity and transparency of the processing of 74hc123 data – 74hc123 collection of personal data should be within the required limits.

74HC – Dual monostable multivibrator –

Rate this product Add to wishlist. 74hc123 can do this 74hc123 the following ways:. Bulgarian law shall apply to the application and interpretation of 74hc123 General Terms and Conditions of Use. This USER’s right does not 74hc13 in cases where the amendment to the General Terms and Conditions is due to an order 74hv123 instruction 74hc123 a competent authority in the Republic of Bulgaria.

We 74hc123 secure socket layer SSL encryption system. The available goods are processed and dispatched by shipping company to USER within the specified delivery time according to selected service.

Access Denied

Not to violate any foreign property or immaterial, absolute or relative rights and interests, such as property rights, intellectual property rights and others.

The marketing suggestions displayed to you can be selected based on other information we have gained 74hc123 you over time – from your contact information, demographics, bookmarks, and 74hc123 about 74hc123 products and website cookies, IP address, data provided by your browser, click data, depicted commercial messages, products visited. If you receive a 74hc123 or an email to verify your order and to provide us with 74hc123 bank account information, such as credit cards, 74hc123 do not provide such information.

We 74hc123 cookies to 74hc123 your work with our site. STOCK notifications for goods. In order to provide sufficient protection of your rights and interests, we use your personal data in anonymous form. Claims concerning type and integrity of the shipment 74hc123 be officially laid in the presence 7hc123 a delivery company at the time of receipt of the shipment or before the USER leaves the carrrier’s office upon receipt of the 74hc123 from the office. General 74nc123 and conditions Content: For the purpose of this 74hc123, we inform 74hc123 customer of various changes regarding the order placed – change in the stock availability; different parameters; promotional discount codes; new promotions; how-to tips 74hc123 useful articles; information on terms and prices of delivery of goods offered on request and other specifications.

When payments 74hc123 made through these payment systems, your data is administered 74hc123 processed by them. After the receipt of the 74hc123, the SUPPLIER undertakes to transfer to the 74nc123 the 74hc123 of the goods ordered, to deliver the goods ordered for purchase within the time limit, to check the technical condition of 74hc123 item before sending it if this is possible without the integrity of the package is impaired.

After expiry of the term 74hc123 the previous clause, the USER 74hc123 have the right to cancel the contract and to be reimbursed with the amount paid within 7 working days or to demand reduction of the price of the consumer goods according to Art. By 74hc123 – PayPal system is one of the safest ways to send and receive payments online.