_Brain-Washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics_, believed to have been originally published sometime in the s, is a bizarre. Brain-Washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics, sometimes referred to as The Brainwashing Manual, is a book published in Buy THE SOVIET ART OF BRAINWASHING: A synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics by Lavrent Beria (Paperback) online at.

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It is not always necessary to remove the individual. The final results of the Anderson Psychopolitucs in declared:. By magnifying the general human reaction to insanity, through keeping the subject of insanity, itself, forever before the public eye, and then, by utilizing syntheesis reaction by causing a revulsion on the part of a populace against its leaders or leaders, it is possible to stop any government or movement.

Most of the self-willed characteristics of the Capitalists come entirely from greed.

Brainwashing: A Synthesis Of The Russian Textbook On Psychopolitics by Dorothy Baker

The next best defense is a validation of psychiatric practices in terms of long and impressive figures. This, however, requires considerably more finesse than is usually necessary to the situation. Thus the word “psychoanalysis” must be stressed at all times, and must be pretended to be a thorough part of the psychiatrist’s training. Cancel Forgot your password? So long as the organism obeys the stimulus whenever it is restimulated in the future, it does not suffer from the pain of the stimulus.

The only revision in this book is the summary, which was added by the Communists after the atomic bomb came into being. In juvenile courts there are always persons with strange appetites whether these be judges or police man or women. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted.

This, more than anything else, would discredit them, but it is dangerous to practice this, in the extreme. A sufficient popular terror of the psychiatrist will, in itself, bring about insanity on the part of many individuals.

Brainwashing: A Synthesis Of The Russian Textbook On Psychopolitics

This is true of every tribe and state in the history of Man. Man is already a colonial aggregation of cells, and to consider him an individual would be an error. The next is he subjects of shock and endurance. Fola rated it liked it Dec 19, It is a long and arduous road for the psychopolitical operative to achieve this state of mind on the part of the whole nation, but no more than twenty or thirty years should be necessary in the entire program. While this may be true of light, parlour hypnotism, it certainly is not true of commands implanted with the use of electric shock, drugs, or heavy punishment.

He should send persons, preferably those well under his control, into the mental health group, whether Christian Science or Dianetics or faith preachers to demonstrate their abilities upon this new person. Anyone interested in psychological warfare or politics should read this.

Thus, it is of the utmost importance that psychopolitical psychopoliticw infiltrate the healing arts of a nation marked for conquest, and bring that quarter continuous pressure against the population and the government until at last the conquest is affected.

Man is a stimulus-response animal.

Brain-washing : a synthesis of the Russian textbook on psychopolitics (Book, ) []

The lying mechanisms of Christianity lead men to foolishly brave deeds. This was the art of capturing the minds of a nation through brainwashing and fake mental health — the subjecting of whole nations w people to the rule of psycopolitics Kremlin by capturing their minds. Bringing about this state of mind on the part of a population and its leaders — that a psychopolitical operative must, at all times, be believed — could eventually be attended by very good fortune.

Search WorldCat Find items in libraries synthsis you. Just as we would discover an individual to be ill, whose organs, each one, had a different goal from the rest, so we discover the individuals and the State to be ill where goals are not rigorously codified and enforced.

The next is the use of drugs. The definition of Psychopolitics follows. Propaganda should continue and stress the rising incidence of insanity in a country. WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online. They can be made to believe anything which is administered to them with sufficient brutality and force.

It is occasionally to be discovered that the removal of the preventing personality by shock and surgery then oj the regrowth and re-establishment of organs which have been rebelled against by that personality. Should it be possible to continue conscription russan any reasonable time by promoting unpopular wars and other means, the draft can always stand as a further barrier to the progress of youth in life, destroying any immediate hope to participate in his nation’s civil life.

Brain-washing : a synthesis of the Russian textbook on psychopolitics

Ever since American prisoners of war in Korea suddenly switched sides to the Communist cause, the concept of brainwashing has continued to concern tbe. If he has not done his work well, hostile feeling groups may expose an individual psychopolitician.

You may send this item to up to five recipients. Kenneth Goff Find more information about: Psychopolitical operators have handled such situations skillfully tens of thousands of times, within and without Russia. In rearranging loyalties we must have a command ruxsian their values. There is a curve of degradation which leads downward to a point where the endurance of an individual is almost at end, and any sudden action toward him will place him in a state of shock.

Individuals can be educated into desiring and wanting more than they can ever possibly obtain, and such individuals are unhappy.

To benefit the worker in such a plight, it is synnthesis to eradicate, by general propaganda, by other means, and by his own co-operation, and self-willedness of perverted leaders. In a nation where economic balances are not controlled, the appetite of the individual is unduly whetted by enchanting and fanciful persuasions to desire, and a type of insanity ensues, where each individual is persuaded to possess more than he can use, and to possess it even at the expense of his fellows.

Should anyone attempt to expose psychotherapy as a psychopolitical activity, the best defense is calling into question the sanity of the attacker. Sexual lust, masochism, and any other desirable perversion can be induced by pain-drug hypnosis and the benefit of the Psychopolitics.

There are those who, in less enlightened times, gave Man to believe that goals should be personally sought and held, and that, indeed, Man’s entire impulse toward higher things stemmed from Freedom. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Essentially, in an entire country, one must remove the greedy by whatever means and must then create and continue a semi-privation in the masses in order to command and utterly control the nation.

Thus we see that psychopolitical procedures are a natural outgrowth of ov as old as Man, practices which are current in every group of men throughout the world. Just as in hypnotism any organ can be commanded into greater loyalty and obedience, so can any political group be commanded into greater loyalty and obedience should sufficient force be employed.

It is obedient to its conqueror because its conqueror has exhibited more force. JT marked it as to-read Dec 05, No layman would dare adventure to place judgement upon the state of sanity of an individual who the psychiatrist has already declared insane.