NISM-Series-V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination The examination seeks to create a common minimum knowledge benchmark for all. While the NISM Certification examination will be largely based on material in this . Appendix 2: AMFI’s Code of Conduct for Intermediaries of Mutual Funds. needs to study the scheme properly, before presuming that an income will be. Download NISM Work Book Guides free, Simplified Study material pdf format.

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AMFI Study Material

Video Presentation Analysis Reports Downloads. It is a mandatory exam and seeks to amf common minimum benchmark for those who are involved in selling and distributing mutual funds in India.

The ARN can be obtained by following the due diligence process. After clicking on ‘OK’ your previous login will be terminated. The exam will be of marks and there will be questions of one mark each.

Our course is designed by some of the best financial experts in India. Guided by our mission of increasing knowledge standard for all people concerned in selling and distributing mutual funds, we are constantly experimenting with new education methodologies and technologies to make financial education convenient, effective, and accessible to all.

What if I want to renew the registration? Is the material available in any other language except English? In mzterial, if you were to pursue a career in Finance, you enhance your chances of working in the MF industry. Is there any negative marking? Who should appear for this exam?

Whether you are a student seeking insights into various aspects of Mutual Fund industry; or an individual aspirant who wants to work in this industry, ClearMFexam is the best choice. You can post queries and can ask questions through the query module. Are you sure you want to continue? This online platform is committed to assist its students to have an access, use, store, retrieve and use again the required content that enable them to mark best in their exams.

What is the validity period of this subscription?

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If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to write us at help clearmfexam. How did you find out about us? Will you help in NISM exam registration?

The course is aimed at individuals to enhance their skill set and advance their career. I am a student and don’t want to start MF business, how is this exam beneficial to me? Your registration will be valid for 90 days.

Materiaal I become a mutual fund distributor after clearing the exam? How many questions are asked in the exam? You can renew your registration through your login by paying the required renewal fees applicable. Is this exam mandatory for starting Mutual Fund distribution? Being practicing market professionals, they really understand what is required to prepare you for the exam.

To Students, this exam provides you an understanding of a financial product that will help you to understand other related financial concepts easily. A certification according a common minimum knowledge benchmark for all persons involved in selling studg distribution of Mutual Funds. Your queries will be resolved online by our experts in a reasonable time frame.

Amfi Study Material Zip Download

Back to Sign in. So, all the best for your examination! How do I clear my doubts? The institute carries out a wide range of capacity building activities at various levels aimed at enhancing the quality standards of and increase the participation in the securities markets.

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