Billy goes to the dock to say farewell to his boss and Reno (“Bon Voyage”), and glimpses the mysterious girl again. Yumpu PDF Downloader. ANYTHING GOES script – 5th Avenue Theatre. ANYTHING GOES script – 5th Avenue Theatre. Print as pdf. All rights reserved to . 5. Anything goes: [libretto]. by Cole Porter · Anything goes: [libretto]. by Cole Porter; Guy Bolton; P G Wodehouse. Print book: Manuscript Archival Material.

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He learns that she is heiress Hope Harcourt and, escorted by her mother, Mrs. Evangelist turned nightclub singer Reno Sweeney will be lihretto aboard the same ship.

Yumpu PDF Downloader

Moon is asked to lead a revival in the ship’s lounge. Outstanding Director of a Musical. Anything Goes film Anything Goes film. Similar tobut only about Billy as Snake Eyes, with more alternate lyrics.

Billy and Reno find Hope and Evelyn, who are both unhappy with the prospect of their matrimony. We’re aware there are multiple versions of the show, and we’re trying to figure out what the differences are.

Originally written for The New Yorkers.

Purchase Sheet Music from all your favorite musicals! This revival retains much of the orchestrations by Michael Gibson with some additions from arranger Bill Elliott.

The original plot involved a bomb threat, a shipwreck, and hijinks on a desert island, [4] but, just a few weeks before the show was due to open, a fire on board the passenger ship SS Morro Castle caused the deaths of passengers and crew members. Paige starred as Reno Sweeney [10] she was replaced later in the run by Louise Gold. No general not show specific requests — This means no “I’m looking for guitar parts to any show” type of posts.

Anything Goes – different versions?

In time they decided to add 6 other Cole Porter songs and the book was considerably altered. I tend to disagree. Reprised when Hope visits Billy in the brig. Like everyone else said, do the Off-Broadway version from However, when Moon breaks into the room, machine gun in tow, he instead sees Reno fully dressed and Evelyn nearly undressed.

Billy asks Reno to help separate Evelyn and Hope, and she agrees. Among those contributing new songs were Hoagy CarmichaelRichard A. Awards for Anything Goes. Users who offer to trade on this sub will instantly be banned for 24 hours, and all posts filtered for 30 days. Reno restores the mood of the Revival “Blow, Gabriel Blow”.

Natually the works better in community theatre settings. Outer Critics Circle Award. Any mention of trading happening through this sub will be removed. Retrieved 2 Dec Shipwrecks consequently had suddenly become a highly sensitive area for the exploitation of song and humour.

People should be sharing, not just constantly asking. The script departed significantly from the original story and was written by Sidney Sheldon.

Anything Goes – different versions? (Message Board)

Don’t shoot me if there has already been a thread about this, but I searched and found nada The sudden loss of status upsets the little man to no end. Lee as John, and Walter Charles as the Captain. Reno tries to charm Evelyn, she succeeds, and he invites her for a drink in his goee.

Wodehouse was engaged to replace the specifically American references in the book and lyrics with references more appropriate to anyfhing English audience. Jerry Zaks again directed the production, with scenic and costume design by Tony Waltonlighting by Paul Gallo and sound by Tony Meola.

If someone would care to elaborate, that would rock: She and Moon plot that Moon should burst into the cabin and discover Reno half-naked in Evelyn’s arms, providing sufficient reason for breaking off the engagement.

The edition tried to get the basic outline back to the version but tightening the script and allowing for a few interpolated songs and a few deletions from the score.

Formats and Editions of Anything goes : [libretto]. []

No fulfilling requests in comment section. The original book was a collaborative effort by Guy Bolton and P. Log in ges sign up in seconds. We’re debating doing Anything Goes next summer Their card-playing Chinese cellmates, imprisoned for conning all the third class passengers out of their money, will be put ashore in England.