In A.E. Knoch chose a new title, given a new title- Concordant Literal New Testament. The Concordant Literal New Testament (CLNT) is the work of a man named A. E. Knoch. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri in America in and died in Western Armenian New Testament. CLV – Concordant Literal Version. Copyright Concordant Publishing Concern Bible Book List.

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Bromiley editor, Wbeerdmans, page 96, As Retrieved”Another version of the NT, which began to appear in and was completed in nine parts inbears an extraordinarily lengthy title but is usually referred to by its first three words: He translates Matthew 9: Nicodemus his name, a chief of the Jews.

Last I looked my dad was a man and I am a son of that man.

What Don is doing is the kettle calling the pot Black. The third revised edition was similar to the edition with Greek text and notes, but included the Lexicon and Concordance and The Greek Elements. The Father was not where Christ was. Notice it does not say in verse Choice of whether one English word is sufficient to translate a given Greek word.

First, let us see if Jesus raised Himself or if God raised Jesus.

We believers are resurrected at least years before the rest of all mankind are at the great white throne. Any French dictionary will give several French words for one English word and conversely several English words for one French word.

Both here and in Genesis 1: John wrote around 96 A. One other way of looking at this would be that the Father was instrumental in raising Christ up after God roused Him out of the sleep of death. I have the right to lay it [the soul] down, and I have the right to litreal it [the soul] again.

Christ was ascending to where His God and His Father was. There can be many chiefs, but there is only one King.

With the use of the Concordant method of translation the CPC endeavored to recognize the importance of the vocabulary of Scripture, keeping distinct the words used in the original languages by giving each Greek word—as far as lietral possible—its own unique and consistent English equivalent.

Each word of scripture was especially chosen by God to be the vehicle of divine truth. Knoch, Unsearchable Riches vol.

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For instance, let us look at the KJV rendering of Romans 3: See all the authorities in Griesbach, 2d edit. Christ, in Luke Then Christ subjects Himself to that One. When Christ comes for the believers of the body of Christ, we are resurrected before the son of lawlessness is revealed.

The verse is concerning having access to God with confidence after one is saved and after one already has the righteousness of God.

Breckenridge Attorney for the Irvine Ranch who advised on legal matters, C. This was done with the intent of conforming, as far as possible, to the original autograph manuscripts. He built up a concordance of these words, which is published together with the CLNT. Knoch has decided that eon is the best English word to translate it. It is just that, in the future, they will look at Him Whom they stabbed but John wrote of the event as if the soldier was presently piercing Christ.

Then at the end of the years there will be the resurrection and judging of all mankind before the great white throne.

Concordant Version Reliable?

Paul was saved by a sight of His transcendent glory. Sight is swift and searches the heavens. Interesting that the KJV has it basically the same way thus: Hence it is wise in such passages as Ephesians 4: To facilitate a readable English translation, additional synonyms or other concordant variants are also used, as needed. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. God raised Christ from the dead: It is not about what Satan can or cannot do.

Words in brackets [ ] added by me for clarity.

Concordant Version

Contradicts prophesized in Zechariah I have dwelt at some length on negative aspects of the CLNT, mainly because the CLNT and its advocates do not do this themselves and for the large part seem to be unaware of them. The Son of Mankind is being given up! Let us look at each verse in question: The edition, which is the current edition, contains further refinements. Where it says that a person who is hanged from a tree is cursed by God. First of all, Don’s premise in writing his thesis is to prove “Concordant Literal New testament error’s in translating application of aion and aionios.

He held a strong belief in the universal reconciliation of mankind and wrote extensively on this and other subjects. If Knoch is wrong then the oldest manuscripts are wrong.

The Concordant Literal New Testament

But that is incorrect. I am not saying that Knoch lteral right or wrong to choose the word eon. It is just blatant and deceitful I tell you!