Imam Ghazali () who is world’s one of the most influential thinkers, reformers, and spiritual transformers and whose books are a. My Dear Beloved Son or Daughter By Imam Abu Hamid Muhammad Al-Ghazali ( May God Shower His Mercy Upon Him) From Imam Ghazali’s Arabic Book. Who was Imam Ghazali (RA)?. Imam Ghazali (RA) [ CE] is most famous for his contributions in philosophy, religion and Sufism. He is also known as.

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I have spent my lifetime in teaching and training and you have just gained eight benefits from me! He also lived in the Umayyad mosque and to this day there is a minaret named after him Al-Ghazali minaret. There was man from among the Children of Israel who used to excessively worship Allah.

And second [quality] is that [the seeker] is the one who is sympathetic and a doer of good towards [all of] Allah’s creations [which is not possible without purifying one’s soul from all evil qualities and then embellishing one’s soul with all good qualities]. Customers who bought this product also bought: You can understand this [important] point from the example that if someone is passing through a jungle or desert holding ten sharp swords, good arches along with some other weapons, and knowing the art of war and method of using these weapons and all of a sudden is confronted by a lion.

There are so many calamities embedded hidden within this fact that we have explained in our book “Ahya al-Uloom ad-Deen” Revival of the Knowledge of the Path to God. In the same way, do not keep people in a [state of] deception about Allah’s Plenitude and Mercy by misstating facts saying wrongful thingsbut instead, create in them piety fear of Allah and God-consciousness and see determine what they have in their hearts which is against the approval of Allah and [see] what they are inclined towards belover is against the Shari’ah Divine Law of Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

Therefore, you should not do anything without the guidance of Prophet Muhammad May peace and belkved of Allah be upon him and be certain that you cannot walk move forward on the Path of Allah, the Exalted, with [merely] the knowledge that you have acquired. You said a very good thing and have done a very good ghxzali. Islamic Law and Rulings.

When [the disciple] is done with prayers then he should wrap up the praying mat and should not perform a lot of optional extra and non-obligatory prayers in front of the Shaykh spiritual guide after every [obligatory, i.

Listen, Quran says the following in this respect: This Shaytan Satan misguides creations [of God] from the path of true guidance, sheds their blood, and involves them in an eternal destruction.

Dear Beloved Son – Claritas Books

The seventh condition is that in every situation, [a seeker] should give preference to humility and lack of greed over wealth and should adopt contentment [and satisfaction with the Will of Allah]. All prices are in USD.

Lectures By Zakir Naik. Furthermore, he asked in his letter to Imam Ghazali RA for some advice and to teach him a supplication that he could always recite.

Make efforts for performing pious deeds because then you will be going to the grave. And may the mercy and blessings of Allah always descend on Muhammad Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him who is the best of all [of God’s] beloves [from eternity to eternity] and on his descendants and on his companions. So if this person cannot even understand that i. Some [people] are such that they think that their grandeur and honor is in displaying anger, beating, killing, murder and pillage and they express their pride in that.

You should know that the fountain of all good counsel is the holy existence of Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him because the constitution of all counsel is based on his Ahadith traditions and Sunnah outward character and conduct as well as internal states.

It was found that they were doing all this because of envy, jealousy, and enmity and the main cause of that is [the desire and competition for] greatness, grandeur, [material] possessions, wealth, and knowledge.

Firstly, in your sermon refrain from colorful narrations, gestures and signs secretive languageflowery and decorated language, pleasing poetry, illegal talk that is against the Shari’ah Divine lawsand lies of [fake] Sufis spiritually elevated individuals. If you are given the news and told that the next week the king will visit your house, then certainly in the whole week, you will not do any work other than having the obsession that king’s glance should not fell on such- and-such thing so I should clean it.

Therefore, my dear beloved son! Therefore, I did not compete or had jealousy with anyone and remained agreed to Allah’s distribution [of worldly bounties] and [His appointed] destiny and got along with the whole world [by giving up all jealousies and enmities against God’s creations]. If your desire is to acquire knowledge of the matters of the heart then you should study [my book] “Ahya al-Uloom ad-Deen” “Revival of the Knowledge of the Path to God” also known as “Revival of Religious Learnings” and our other books, because to acquire such knowledge is personally obligatory Fard al-‘ayn on all Muslims.

However, since it is done in accordance with the guidance of Prophet Muhammad May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him therefore it is Halal permissible or 11 within legal limits.

First, those four things will be mentioned that you should not do. Sign in soon write a review. In other words, one should believe that you will surely get whatever Allah, the Exalted, has destined for you.

Full text of “My Dear Beloved Son or Daughter by Imam Ghazali”

Some [people] are such that they think that their grandeur and honor is in displaying anger, beating, killing, murder and pillage and they express their pride in that. Afterlife and the Unseen. This is certainly a powerful reminder of the importance of constantly identifying ourselves with the next life.

A sermon religious talk which is not like this and if the preacher speaker does not narrate these things, then it the religious talk will became a source of calamity for the preacher and the audience. Son of a Duck is a Floater.

I have spent my lifetime in teaching and training and you have just gained eight benefits from me!

My Dear Beloved Son or Daughter by Imam Ghazali

As soon as he took it in his hand he took a sigh and fell unconscious. It is not an obligation to learn from the knowledge of Shari’ah Divine law anymore than that. Because Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings of Allah belovedd upon him accumulated one year’s worth of provision food for some of his wives and said: But if [some preacher’s sermon or talk] exceeds the boundaries of pretense and show i.

My dear beloved son and true friend! Other than that, the people sitting in the gathering audience should be reminded of their [inner and outer] faults and shortcomings so that the fear of the 24 punishment of the hereafter is born in their hearts and to the greatest extent possible they should have regrets over the time they lost [in vain pursuits] and should try to make up for that i.

What benefit have you obtained other than wasting your life and gaining worldly fame? May Allah be pleased with ggazali. This person must eat less, sleep less, prays more performs prescribed five daily prayers along with optional prayersfasts more, and vhazali a lot of spending [in the Way of God] and charity. Now narrate the seventh benefit. Furthermore, [a perfected scholar] can find the [root] causes of the disease, but if the disease becomes worse and if its causes are not found then an expert doctor curer should be consulted who can tell that this disease can be cured and this disease cannot be cured with any medicine.

Now narrate the fifth benefit.

Acquiring a lot of knowledge and continually browsing a lot of books but not acting upon that knowledge will not be of any benefit ghazxli you unless and until you make yourself deserving of Allah’s mercy through deeds of righteousness.

This book has taken me by surprise. If you have received any guidance from them then you do not need any advice from me. During this period of his youth, Imam Ghazali had the opportunity to travel extensively.