Dua e Kumail Arabic Urdu – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Dua e Kumail Arabic with Urdu Translation. Read offline book ” Dua e Kumail “. this app has been designed for the people of fiqa jafria with dua e kumail audio. In this app you can read and listen nade ali. دُعاء الخضر (عليه السَّلام) وهو دعاء كميل. Dua Kumayl is a famous supplication famous among Muslims, and is recited every Thursday. Here are the status: 1- Lovely.

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And make me one of the most excellent of Your slaves in Portion from You.

My trails and sufferings have increased and my evilness has worsened, my good deeds have diminished and my yokes of misdeeds have become firm. Bestow upon me for the sake of Your having given rise [to me] with generosity and Your previous goodness to me! The word “Allah” comprises all the attributes of perfection and, when used in the form of transaltion as “Allahuma,” the letter “Mim” dua e kumail with translation added in the end to compensate sith omission of the exclamation of entreaty “Ya” meaning “O Allah!

The former implies intention to do wrong but the latter may be due to dua e kumail with translation mistake made in good faith but as both may result in considerable damage, they need Allah’s grace of forgiveness. Mansur walked away from the house and says – “When the next morning I passed by that house from which I had heard the young man’s supplication, I heard women wailing.

It is the exclusive right of Allah, though others may intercede with His dua e kumail with translation. And over hearts acknowledging Your Dja through verification. Forgive me such sins as bring down misfortunes or afflictions. I went to inquire the cause for wailing and an old lady came to the door and said-‘Last night when my youthful son was engaged, through fear of Allah, in supplication someone called at the door of our house and recited an admonishing verse of the Qur’an which caused my son to shout and fall on the ground palpitating and died immediately.

Whether You wilt give the Fire dominion over faces fallen down dua e kumail with translation before Your Tremendousness.

Dua-e-Kumayl with English Translation – دُعَاء كُميل

One of the passages reads-“My Lord! And to make me satisfied and content with Your apportionment and humble in every state. So I ask Translatiln by the power You have apportioned. Relying upon my past remembrance of Thee and Thy grace towards me Relying upon my past remembrance of Thee dua e kumail with translation Thy grace towards me.

Du`a Kumayl, A Translation & Commentary

It gives solace to those suffering misery, bereavement, destitution or sinfulness. Does this type of conduct justify us to plead to our Creator to save us from the Doom hereafter which has been described as one which “the earth and heavens cannot withstand. And by Your invincibility through which You overwhelm all things. I have therefore become justifiably liable to Thy judgement and afflictions I have therefore become kumaill liable to Thy judgement and afflictions.

My Lord, have mercy upon the weakness of my body, the thinness of my skin and the frailty of my bones. To instil the fear of Allah needs to introduce into human minds the knowledge of Allah, His Powers and Retributions. There is no god but Thou glory and praise be to Thee I have made my own soul to suffer Kumxil had the audacity to sin by my ignorance.

O’ Thou unto Whom I express my distress! But there are requisites laid down by the Holy Qur’an for the supplication to be answered. Mehndi Dua e kumail with translation with latest best collection with images and beautiful dua e kumail with translation.

I have no argument in what Your destiny put into effect through me therein. I look earnestly towards Thee and towards Thee, my Lord!

And by Thy majesty against which nothing can stand up And by Thy majesty against which nothing can stand du. I wish I had known o’ my Master, my God and my Lord! Mansur states that he informed the old lady that as he was the cause of her son’s death, would she permit him to wash and shroud his dead body.

No such opinion is held of You! Nay, Thou art far too kind and generous to destroy one whom thyself nourished and supported, or to drive away from Thyself one whom Thou has kept under Thy protection, or to scare away one whom Thy self hast given shelter, or to abandon in affliction one Thou hast maintained and to whom Thou hast been merciful. The assurance referred to in the above passage is given in Ch.

So that I may lead myself towards Thee in the field with the vanguards who are in the fore rank and be swift towards Thee among those who hasten towards Thee and urge eagerly to be near Thee and draw myself towards Thee like them who sincerely draw themselves towards Thee and to fear Thee like the fear kumaik dua e kumail with translation who believe firmly in Thee and thus I may join the congregation of the faithful congregated near Thee for dua e kumail with translation.

According to a Hadith, the following sins bring down calamity: How then can I bear the retributions and the punishments of the hereafter which are enormous and of intensive sufferings, of prolonged period and perpetual duration, and which shall never be alleviated for those who deserve the same as those retributions will be the result of Thy wrath; and Thy punishment which neither the heavens nor the earth can withstand and bear!

The word “nafs” has dua e kumail with translation used in the Qur’an in various ways according to its context e. Have I any kuail You from whom to ask removal of my affliction and regard for my affairs! Ali ibn Abu Talib is claimed to have said: Forgive me such sins as bring down misfortunes or afflictions O Allah!

O Allah, verily I ask You with the translattion of a submissive, abased and lowly man to show me forbearance, to have mercy on me. Kumxil el Ammar relates that once he had an occasion to go out of his house dua e kumail with translation midnight and on his way he heard the pathetic voice of a young man making supplication to Allah and saying: Or submit to tribulation dua e kumail with translation whom You have spared and shown mercy.

And over tongues voicing sincerely the profession of Your Unity and giving thanks to You in praise.