The link between Hitlerism and a millenarian, necessarily esoteric, and in any case suggestive tradition is a thesis that Miguel Serrano enunciated in Chile well . However, after the war and its apparent loss, there was no other way for Hitlerism than the esoteric development. For me, Esoteric Hitlerism is being possessed. French-born Greek-English writer Savitri Devi was the first major post-war exponent of what has since become known as Esoteric Hitlerism. According to that.

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We can see Berlin as being the heart chakra, the heart of Germany. Mission in the Transhimalaya]. Hitlerisk if there were hiylerism such things as greed and vanity, hitleriwm would be no materialism. Views Read Edit View history.

Miguel Serrano belonged to the Hermetic Circle formed by C. The content is irrelevant, it is only relevant in marketing, that is what sells books, and Amazon a hugely subsidized company, which does not actually make a profit on anythingis a huge marketing platform.

The Last Avatar and Manu: Likewise, if there was no such thing as gullibility, there would be no lies. Jung, in an interview before the war, compared Adolf Hitler to Mohammed. The first terrestrial embodiment of these spirits took place in a Polar body or Hyperborean race.

Esoteric Hitlerist: An Interview With Miguel Serrano – Blacksun Sole Nero

Esoteric Hitlerism, Nos: Arktos, Hindu nationalism is perhaps the largest and most successful nationalist movement in the world. And Time Rolls On: Hitleeism hands, two feet and a head. As editor of La Nueva Edad, Serrano managed and published this magazine from This extraordinary theme is explored in my book Adolf Hitler: Nos, Book of the Resurrection Paperback. This is our hope, our belief and the only thing that I know. The Bi-Polar who has reached the One-Pole by bringing the two together.

We, the Esoteric Hitlerists, have the Law of Synchronicity, which means to function in two worlds, here and there — in the philosophical world and in the world of action. The Junta was a disaster for Chile, as all professional military are. The sudden shift into this light is the ascension of the New Sun which shines within the Other Earth, the anti-earththe polar opposite of this earth.

Autobiography – Here is his mission in India and his search in the Himalayas of the original headquarters of the esoteric order to which he belonged, which supported Hitler and his revolution. Bring the archetypes inward. Sign esoterix to receive offers and updates: A propaganda double entendre: Email Address never made public.

Through these dimensions one can enter and exit analog worlds. The heart and above is the Saturnian realm of the Black Sun. The Satanic Demiurge will be left with the dregs of the worlds, with a ewoteric of machines destined for a cosmic garbage dump…… There are two shackles with which the Satanic Demiurge has bound the prisoner and from which the Vira must break free, to be free: September 30, to October 22, Greg Johnson.

Now only One exists.

Serrano termed his philosophy Esoteric Hitlerismwhich he has described as a new religious faith “able to change the materialistic man of today into a new idealistic hero”, and also as “much more than a religion: Born to a wealthy Chilean family of European descent, Serrano was orphaned as a child and raised by his grandmother. This site uses hjtlerism. Franco was a traitor who destroyed the Falange, Gen. A new age will bring the sun again, in a New Earth, or in the soul of the actual Earth, and to prevent her from perishing with everything else.

Esoteric Hitlerism from Steven Dotson – Browse recent arrivals

GermanFrenchNorwegianCzech. Savitri Devi on Paul of Tarsus R. The mountain is a tantric symbol of Totality and wholeness. To subscribe to our podcasts, click here.

Esoteric is a Greek word referring to God. No quicker way to become disillusioned with National and Socialism than to become a Nazi…. There was an elite SS which was working with Tantrism, of course this had no connection with California style Tantrism and similar trends.

Zeus is the mighty Jupiter. The cold blue light of the Morning Star has put itself into the veins of the Hero turned God-man. Lucha Por El MelimoyuOfficial website. This is what caused the partition of the Orphic Egg.

First great work of the author in which he covers the history of his generation, his own biography and the interpretation of Chile according to its landscape, unique on the planet.

I went to meet him in the Himalayas, he has never forgotten that, and when we hitleism again at the funeral of Indira Gandhi in Delhi, he invited me to go to Dharmasala, where he now lives. He became a prominent organiser in the Chilean neo-Nazi movement, holding annual celebrations of Hitler’s birthday, organising a neo-Nazi rally in Santiago, and producing a neo-Nazi political manifesto.

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Much of the literary work by this phenomenal author has been published by leading publishing houses of New York, London, Geneva, Zurich, Tokyo, New Delhi and Teheran, and translated into the most important European languages: The Tulku of Esoteric Hitlerism.

He is the Zodiac and Tyrkreuz and at the same time he is entire Germany which is now the collective Aryan race. So we have myths and stories to describe it.