Frameworx is an enterprise architecture framework geared towards communications service The Information Framework (formally Shared Information/Data Model or SID) is a unified reference data model providing a single Used in combination with the Business Process Framework (eTOM) business process and activity. implement SID from Conceptualization (Process Definition) Data using. TMF eTOM and SID Frameworks Phase 1: Define eTOM compliant NGN Processes. The Business Process Framework (eTOM) is a critical component of Frameworx, the TM Forum’s blueprint for enabling successful business transformation.

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It provides standard definitions for all the information that flows through the enterprise and between service providers and their business partners. The Applications Framework provides a formalized way of grouping together function and data into recognised components, which would then be regarded as potentially procurable as either applications or services.

In this way, each application only requires one interface to the CCI rather than many to other applications. Integrating OSSs means that data must be shared between the applications. Retrieved from ” https: The Information Framework uses Unified Modeling Language to formalize the expression of sld needs of a particular stakeholder viewpoint. Security from a wholistic perspective.

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Frameworx – Wikipedia

Check here to find out. The level of functional decomposition is such that these benefits can be realized but without being over prescriptive. In daily life we see applications such as word processors or mail clients; in OSS terms we would regard an application as something such as a CRM component, a billing system or an inventory solution — although we also understand that these can be decomposed to some extent — for example a billing system will include a number of smaller applications, such as a rating engine.

TM Forum Coaching compliments our training and certification program to help you make the link between the skills you learned in class and the proper application of the standards, best practices and tools in the specific context of your project.

To understand this, consider an order handling application which has gone through a process to enter a customer order and where it now needs to send out a bill using application B a billing system. Contact us General Inquiries: For example, the Contract is used to define the service to be delivered, as well as to specify information and code that implement the six.

Information Framework (SID) Release 18.0.0 Excel Format

Stom article relies too much on references to primary sources. JanuaryDubai. Coaching Services TM Forum Coaching compliments our training and certification program to help you make the link between the skills you learned in class and the proper application of the standards, best practices and tools in the specific context of your project. The complexity is therefore reduced to one of order n, rather than n 2.

Digital Transformation Asia Featured Resources Case study: Each OSS needed to “talk to” many others, leading to the number of interfaces increasing with the square of the number of OSSs. Conformance Certification Conformance Certification — The certification process offers the additional benefit of providing insight that feeds into product roadmaps and helps direct future investment.

Get Involved Join the Frameworx Community discussion. Application A will have a record of the customer address and it therefore needs to framewlrk that application B sends the bill to this address. This requires specific transformations for operators in terms of organization, processes, applications and models!

Please help improve it etlm discuss these issues on the talk page. The “distributed system” is emphasising that Frameworx is not based on a Communication Service Provider CSP using a single monolithic application to manage all its activities, but is instead using a set of integrated and co-operating applications. Career Certification — Give yourself a competitive edge by taking courses and exams to gain Knowledge and Career Certification.

However, during the early s it became apparent that employing these as purely isolated applications was highly inefficient, since it led to a situation where, for example, orders would be taken on one system but the details would then need to be re-keyed into another in order to configure the relevant network equipment.

However, for large operators with many hundreds of separate OSSs, the proliferation of interfaces became a serious problem. Contact us General Inquiries: An application or service for example: Log In Register Not a Member? Trying to convert hierarchical products into non-hierarchical ones without losing information would not be possible. Frameworx proposes that the process is managed as part of the centralised infrastructure, using a workflow engine that is responsible for controlling the flow of the business process between the applications.

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