The EVA and EVA in the 42U HP G2 Series Rack supports up . HPE / Enterprise Virtual Array Worldwide QuickSpecs in pdf format. EVA) The EVA is also available with an embedded SAN switch for see: One rack may contain two EVA or EVA controllers and a maximum of 18 disk enclosures. The EVA supports a maximum of 18 disk controllers.

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HP Education offers flexible, comprehensive. HP Proactive Select menu offers a broad set of service options that you can mix and match depending on your specific requirements. Electronic software is available in most countries. The bottom line benefits include improved disk capacity utilization and increased business continuity, data availability, and productivity evz8400. It is factory or field installable. Additionally, data replication can be bi.

The following components are available worldwide. In uqickspecs, HP Replication Solutions Manager provides a scripting interface for additional flexibility. A thin volume can grow up to its maximum.

HP / Enterprise Virtual Arrays

HP Storage Management Pack can be downloaded free from the following website: Sync Mirror quickzpecs Sync Mirror group. For more information on Factory Express visit:.

HP Education Services offer flexible, comprehensive training on to help your IT staff get the most out of your server and storage investments. HP Financial solutions extend innovative financing and cost-effective asset management programs-from purchase to equipment retirement.

A minimum of eight FATA drives are required in a configuration. The included deployment will help you improve the. Check the following URL for more information and availability: Expansion Cables Expansion Cables.

Up to nine enclosures can be connected in a redundant FC loop arrangement The EVA, with four fibre channel device ports per HSV controller, supports 2 redundant fibre channel loops. The portfolio also provides a combination of integrated proactive and reactive services, such as Proactive 24 Service and Critical Service. We have the following HP EVA manuals available for free PDF download You may find documents other than just manuals as we also make available many user guides, specifications documents, promotional details, setup documents and more.

Exploiting common storage management across multiple vendors’ systems Easily deploying a dual-vendor policy Facilitating simpler and lower cost data migrations Increasing storage utilization Extending the life of legacy storage For more information please refer to the HP XP External Storage Software web page at: HP Technology Services continues to be recognized for service and support excellence by customers, partners, industry organizations and publications around the world.

The drive part numbers must be entered directly after the bulk pack part number. A server based scriptable interface is also available allowing the creation of scripts that interface with the.

License comes in the form of an entitlement certificate and 1 license key request form. Enterprise Virtual Array Racking for Expansion. This greatly simplifies the installation and setup of the EVA Cluster at the customer site.

This solution can serve both block and file data concurrently with high availability and scalable performance. Optional distributed sparing virtual sparing can be configured so that a drive failure will trigger an automatic rebuild of the Vraid 1 or Vraid 5 data set into spare space.

A disaster tolerant solution for Windows and Linux environments, Cluster Extension EVA integrates, automates, and synchronizes server cluster failover operations with the remote replication management capabilities of HP Continuous Access EVA for a disaster tolerant solution for EVA arrays whether used as primary storage or in a tiered-storage configuration.

This product is indispensable for critical data center operations such as non-disruptive backups, frequent snapshots of high value databases, and data mining. Supports extensive third party interoperability. SVSP management appliance, and the Ethernet switch. As a result, our customers can expect a wide range of operational and business benefits where. Standard warranty protects against product defects and some causes of downtime- but not the business.

Order vea8400 on the total capacity of the source volumes. Unlike storage-only vendors, we take a holistic approach to your entire environment. The EVA can be racked with other devices such as a server or back-up using Quickspscs Builder which will rack from the bottom up in a Multiple Product Racking configuration or in a Storage Centric Racking configuration which provides an easy configuration path to expand in the field and supports maximum storage density.

Use of single-pathing, which does not offer a redundant path option, should be used with care. Number of controllers Number of controllers. The solution provides central management through VMware Virtual Center and enables more frequent testing.

Hp eva8400 quick specs download

Centralized Management of virtual disks that span multiple arrays, quickspeccs a single view of data. This greatly simplifies the installation and. This methodology of using unused capacity can give customers the qjickspecs to have many disk worth of spare space for maximum data availability, protection and peace of mind. Dual and multi-node cluster support is provided for host level fault tolerance and high system availability.

In addition, up to 22GB of cache per controller pair ensures high performance.

Availability is improved with the Quicksprcs Cluster. The solution is enhanced to perform remote replication, and deliver high data availability and performance to users on Fibre Channel based campus, metro or continental metro or continental Storage Area Networks SANs. The minimum number of SSDs supported is 6 and the maximum is 8 per array. Synchronous mirroring within the local domain to improve data availability. Copy Optional Copy Optional.