Post-polis by Ewa Rewers; 1 edition; First published in ; Subjects: City planning, Urban Sociology. Post-polis: wstęp do filozofii ponowoczesnego by Ewa Rewers. Post-polis: wstęp do filozofii ponowoczesnego miasta. by Ewa Rewers. Print book. Polish. Conversation with Ewa Rewers, philosopher and cultural theorist. Ewa Rewers / City Objectified Wstęp do filozofii ponowoczesnego miasta (Post-polis.

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Elected as Provincial Councilor for Italia dei Valori party inhe served as vice president of the Board Group and the Budget Committee as well as the Coordinator of Interim Bologna, until his appointment resers Assessor.

Post polis Wstep do filozofii ponowoczesnego miasta – Ewa Rewers – Google Books

Agata Grenda For more than 10 years she was a local government officer and state official of high rank in the field of culture. In this position contributes actively to the European dialogue on urban issues and is a core participant to the Urban Agenda for the EU.

Deputy Mayor of Poznan. It works on theatre improvisation, creates performances, in which scenario represents consent to anything that is not planned and what will happen between actors. Innovations based on a change in meaning. Since the Mayor of the City of Poznan. Focuses on value-based future design. I would distinguish such collections from art collections — pols contemporary — financed from the municipal budget, as well as so-called history museums in certain cities.

Her area of interest are cultural urban studies. The development of an inteligent city using the Citizen Science approach. Specialist in the area of sustainable development of public spaces. Professor Hubert Izdebski, Ph. The category of locality has undergone a wave of criticism in recent years. Sociologist, interested in the forms of social activity and inactivity in cities, education in culture, as well as in the image, which he tries to treat as a tool and a pretext for research and change in social relations.

Creating independent municipal collections could fit within this scheme. She is responsible for many market successes: His books are translated into English, German, Russian and Hungarian. Urban and regional development specialist, working with cities in Hungary and internationally to make them better places to live. Management in a liquid modernity. The Centre carries out a lot of unique projects, such as business consulting on design thinking, education in the field of design, modern marketing and trends, and numerous activities for children.

In he joined the Democratic Party. Founding member of the Polish Information Processing Society. Both in and in he was one of the esa senior trainers at the URBACT Summer University, working with over 50 urban development professionals from various cities across Europe. Scholarship recipient of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Full Professor at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Director of the Institute of Law, Full Professor at the University of Warsaw, gave lectures at universities in Lille 2, Poitiers, Geneva and Paris 1; member of the Central Commission for Degrees and Titles and its secretarymember-correspondent of the Polish Academy of Swa barrister, legal advisor; editor-in-chief of the Territorial Self-Government monthly; author or co-author of 31 books about public rewrs, including territorial sel-government, and its theoretical and historical bases, author of many projects of laws.

Culture animator and city researcher. In his work, he is a proponent and user of participatory planning methods. Rrewers Contradictions of Urban Art.

Involved in building company strategies, branding strategies, developing and implementing new products and services, and improving teamwork of design teams. Her scientific interests focus primarily on the sociology of design, the city and urban design. He scientifically deals with the organisation of every-day reality and the idea of exemplary organisations, and is involved in the development of new, ethnographically inspired quality research methods.

Ewa Rewers / European Culture Congress

Do we really need municipal collections? Participation design as a way of shaping a responsible citizen. Chief of Cabinet of the Metropolitan City of Bologna.

The Centre hosts the Business Incubator devoted to the creative industry architects, designers, IT, social media and others.

Consultant and trainer of Design Thinking supporting companies from various industries in shaping marketing strategies. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Rdwers, holds a postgraduate diploma in accounting, finances and taxes.

One of the basic premises of this type of project is to bring about specific change. Social activist, sports activist, former entrepreneur. Currently Development Manager at regional development agency.

Ewa Rewers / City Objectified

He is actively engaged in activities on the EU forum — as the member of the Committee of the Regions. Why can large territorial bodies act as collectors in Poland, not cities? Miwon Kwon describes the process of splitting art from a place and relating it the performative urban collective.

Foundress of Metaphor, a company created by a network of people with interdisciplinary competencies connected by the idea of business humanisation. Conversation with Ewa Rewers, philosopher and cultural theorist. This is a problem described by Miwon Kwon, among others. Author of over publications in books, magazines, and during conferences. Unfortunately, there is no pist on the topic.

Author of the following books: It leads, rather, to experimentation with ephemeral municipal communities than to experimentation between artists with local communities. Warszawy Publiczna Kolekcja Sztuki m.

Currently she is running her own company — Grenda.