Godspeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic takes Cobain’s story and plays it out as a totally unique graphic novel. The script draws from the singer’s tortured self- image. 16 Mar Originally published in , and translated into six different languages, Godspeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic is now being republished in a. 19 Jul Much more than a biography, GodSpeed is unlike anything you have read about Kurt Cobain before. It transmutes an extraordinary life into an.

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I think my main problem with this book is the framing device. How do I get this book so I can read it. Jul 09, Unlovely Sara rated it it was amazing Shelves: To leave with a heavy feeling of sadness for days to come godspeed kurt cobain reading this graphic novel.

Writers Barnaby Legg and Jim McCarthy have constructed their story using biographical fact interwoven with references to the singer’s tortured self image. This took me back to age 13 and both godspeed kurt cobain 13 year old self and my older self of the moment were disgusted by this rendition of Cobain’s career.

Cynics may argue that the overwhelmingly positive way that Love is portrayed is a crass attempt at seeking her approval. Although, when an godspeed kurt cobain film is inevitably made, I godspeed kurt cobain the material is handled much better than it is here. View all 26 comments. I hate myself and want to die Even the artist comments in the last couple of pages that if Courtney is unhappy with his rendering of her, to let him know and he’d change the drawings around to please her.

A comic about Kurt Cobain? Books godspeed kurt cobain James McCarthy. I just found the whole thing remarkably sad and gross and frankly inaccurate as hell considering all the biographical info I’d soaked up back in my 13 year old hey day.

GodSpeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic Novel

Apr 27, Jon athan Nakapalau rated it it was amazing Godspeed kurt cobain Anyway, the artwork and narrative presented are well suited to capturing that fragment of Kurt’s essence, where myth and fact godspeed kurt cobain.

Both were clearly complex characters vobain good points and bad points, as is the case with everyone. Jan 05, Simon Sweetman rated it did not like it. See All Goodreads Deals….

I don’t think the authors had any So, a graphic novel written from his POV wouldn’t paint the “love of his life” as some crazy, fame-hungry crack head despite what the rest of the world see’s.

The script murt from the singer’s tortured self-image as well as straightforward biographical fact. Godspeed kurt cobain, I looooved loved the integration of Boddah. Apr 27, Nura rated it goxspeed it.

View the discussion thread. I would totally read a comic about Amy Winehouse. As I’m sure is the case with fodspeed others, Nirvana was a band that meant a great deal to me as a teenager and helped shape my musical tastes by exposing me to styles of music that, up to that point, I was unfamiliar with and turned me on to the numerous bands that Cobain would mention in interviews, such as The Pixies and The Vaselines.

The art is pretty. This begins and ends with suicide so, godspeed kurt cobain put your controversial conspiracy theories aside [even if some do have weight]. godspeed kurt cobain

Dec 20, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: Unique look godspeed kurt cobain the life of this influential artist who struggled to balance his creativity with the destructive tendencies that ended his life.

Specially when it’s about something so mysterious as the death of Kurt Cobain. Wow, where do I begin?

Godspeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic Novel review

Much more than a biography, GodSpeed is unlike anything published about Kurt Cobain before. Is it mutual dependance; two godspeed kurt cobain opposites bringing their failings together, making a comprehensive hole?

Thanks for telling us about the problem. But still it remains a fairly interesting read that acts godspeed kurt cobain a surface level depiction of the significant events of Cobain’s life from childhood to suicide and, as such, should appeal to fans of Cobain and Nirvana and act as an interesting supplementary document to the numerous and far more indepth books available.

Sep 09, Lisa rated it liked it Recommended to Lisa by: No eBook available Amazon. It’s a quasi-fictional account of his life, as we will never know all the real details that transpired – we only have interviews, his journals and the accounts of others to go by. Weight is added to godsped argument at the rear of the book, where there godspeed kurt cobain some preliminary sketches and the following quote is included: I like that it uses surrealism in some panels to convey complex emotions, ecstasy of a drug high, or Kurt’s own distorted, fantastical view of the godspee.

I think the artwork is great – a lot of emotion is conveyed in the art and it does a great job of enhancing the story, rather than being pretty pictures that contain thought or word bubbles.

Feb 01, Caragh rated it liked it. I loved the artwork in this graphic novel but I was disappointed with the spelling and the occasional missing word.

Eventually he broke free but is godspeed kurt cobain, probably for the rest of his natural time here on earth. I could have done without the imaginary friend bits and the occasional moment was overwrought, but then with the cobsin godspeed kurt cobain being who godspwed is and the inevitable godspeed kurt cobain, it was never going to be upbeat.

Godspeed kurt cobain Godspeed, while the act of the suicide is not drawn it’s the now in famous picture of his foot through godspeed kurt cobain open door of the room above the garageit still creates a heavy fog over the entirety of the book. What the fuck is love anyway? First, the art is pretty awesome. The book could either have done with being much longer, or simply focussing on a key area of his life, rather than cram it all into plus pages.

Godspeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic Novel review | Den of Geek

It was where he had godspeed kurt cobain everything he had ever dreamed of in his youth, where his accomplishments had become a reality, and he at last decided to let go of this dream, and let others follow. I wanted to know more about Kurt’s own demons. I wanted to feel them.

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