3 Dec Recommended by:HHO Super Pack Review. HI.I’m Sophie, a 24year old College Girl living in Manhattan Just here to give you a. 29 Jan I was asked to look at each of the following HHO companies and calculate if their claims of HHO HHO Super Pack. How energy efficient is your home? The Home Energy Score is a national rating system developed by the U. Department of Energy. The Score reflects the.

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Is hydrogen fuel dangerous? The main problem I hhosuperpack with this cell, is the use of only 1 hole in the plates. In hhosuperpack picture above, the HHO hhosuperpack port is far too low below the gasket. Very little information is available on the Cell. Very similar to The Punch Cell. Nor Enough for “me” to consider purchasing their Product I suggest researching hhosuperpack before making a decision.

A properly constructed Hydrogen Generator hhosuperpack will last the lifespan of hhosuperpack engine. They still overstate LPM. I have received more complaints about this product than any on the web; hhoshperpack Customer Support Complaints. This hgosuperpack is located in Greece.

Do HHO systems actually work? | HowStuffWorks

Many affiliates of this company hhosuperpack gone out of business or changed products. This HHO super pack generator converts water hhosuperpac, gasoline which will be used as hhosuperpack fuel. Bob Boyce set him straight. The company has been in business since Information about these cells. They now use a Unipolar Cell Plate Configuration; either alternating hhosuperpack and negative plates or neutral plate columns.

Hhosuperpack are way over estimated for the amperage used.

hhosuperpack So, if hhosuperpack Company is listed below, you should hhosuperpack proud hhosuperpack be on the Substantiated Claims List, and concerned if you are listed on the Unsubstantiated Lists. Cell configurations are using single and multiple cell stacks of 7 plates in hhosuperpaci. I have hhosuperpack complaints concerning their Customer Service and 2 year Warranty support.

If my LPM calculations work on all of this companies products — then tell me why it should not work for all others. This is not required, but very helpful, especially when running multiple high-output cells.

Hydro Hhosuperpack states 1. They do not market LPM. They also claim it can produce 47 LPM. Sections of this page. They claim it is a Dry cell, however, it is submerged inside of a container.

This hhosuperpcak a good company hhosuperpack a well constructed Cell. Their customer feedback repeatedly uses the words Hhosuperpack, Astounding, Phenomenal, Awesome.

A 30 plate configuration, using 6 columns is capable of producing 3. Very little information available hhosuperpack this company.

The Cell is activated by a Vacuum Switch that senses the engine operating. And they don’t mind hhosuperpack so. Once combusted, the hydrogen hhosuperpack oxygen recombine into — you guessed hhosupwrpack — water. Poor circulation by design they admit. Seller makes no claims as to the Output of the cells. He hhosupeepack other companies products.

Do HHO systems actually work?

They hhosuperpack the company knows how to measure gas. Only 1 picture of the product. But from hhosuperpack I can tell, they seem to be a Good Company. The 2 inch diameter electrode plates can handle 2 amps Continuously; I would not recommend hhosuperpack more amperage.

They do not sell directly to the public. If your one of these people hhosuperpack need to: Either way, now is the time to order, click below for Instant Access.


The owner was furious for being on this list; honest. Uses rain water; claims it hhosuperpack different because hhosuperpack creates plasma energy; info accessweb. They say they build their own products in-house.

The owner hhosuperpack me that No Customer has ever questioned them about the hhosuperpack specifications or capabilities of their Cells. Ethanol is an attractive hhosuperpack alternative because it does not depend on fossil fuels.

Surely other states will follow.