6 Oct The Tenth Edition of the ICAO Aviation Security Manual — Doc (Restricted) has been published in English, with all other ICAO language. Doc – 05 – Security Manual – Seventh Edition – Free download as PDF File AFS ASTPs ATS AVSEC BD CMT EDDS EDS EMT EOC EOD FCP ICAO IED. 30 Sep GMT icao security manual doc pdf – The ICAO. Aviation Security Manual. (Doc – Restricted) assists Member States in implementing.

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The ability to control access to aircraft parking areas, hangars and ica facilities will normally prevent most unlawful acts associated with aircraft. The following are some recommended training topics: Airport managers can either utilize an existing airport watch program or establish their own airport specific plan.

All pilots and student pilots authorized to independently operate solo an aircraft are required to be licensed by the State. Plans, coordinated with local and State law enforcement agencies should be developed for at least the following events:.


Any pilot who makes threats or statements inconsistent with normal uses of aircraft. Security Issues Scheduled CAT generally operates from major airports that provide a significant security control and screening infrastructure. The threat of personal hazard and financial loss provides a strong motivation to ensure that these illegal acts are prevented. ICAO Annex 1 The pilot license, when linked to dic government issued identification containing a photograph such as a driving licensewill permit authorized personnel to positively identify pilot personnel.

Develop and circulate reporting procedures to all who have a regular presence on the airport. Hold periodic meetings with the airport community.

The risk assessment should consider the following questions: Size and configuration of the airport Proximity to major metropolitan areas Number and type of based aircraft Number of aircraft operations Before any threat assessment is undertaken the actual capability of a 9873 aircraft to cause damage to persons or ground infrastructure should be understood. Therefore, lengthy clandestine idao must be made, often difficult at active airports.

icao security manual doc

Skip to main content. Examples of these measures include: Pilots who appear to be under the control of another person. Persons wishing to rent aircraft without presenting proper credentials or identification. In fact, this diversity is so great that ICAO defines general aviation operations by exception: Specific programs are provided below for larger aircraft, on-demand CAT air taxi 897 aerial work operations.

However, the majority 873 GA airports are too small to warrant through threat assessment or justify economic viability these measures. The next method of preventing misuse is to deny access to aircraft itself. Ideally, a master aviation threat assessment should be conducted by State authorities on an ongoing basis to provide all concerned with current information. Formal procedures should be established to facilitate this information flow.

International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Association

The ability for all personnel to react positively and rapidly may make the difference between a major security event and a minor administrative issue. Facility and aircraft security measures and procedures Background checks for certain types of employees Security training and knowledge requirements for employees Compliance with security directives and information circulars Designation of a security coordinator Contingency and response plans Note: Oftentimes questions regarding the legitimacy of an activity can be quickly and easily resolved by bringing it to the attention of an airport employee.

Encourage tenants to make their staff aware of the airport watch programs. Events or circumstances that do not fit the pattern of lawful, normal activity at an airport.

IAOPA Input for ICAO Security Manual (DOC 8973)

AW operations deemed to pose dox significant threat should be required to establish and maintain a State approved written security program, incorporating the following provisions:.

Once the level of risk has been determined mitigating factors can be devised to counter the threat. Because large fire suppression and agricultural aircraft are potentially more hazardous, these categories of AW aircraft need more stringent protection and monitoring than GA and smaller AW aircraft.

This could include the use of a video or other media for training. Yet, many more aircraft and flight crew members participate in general aviation and aerial work. Classes of security measures include: