ILFORD WASHAID is a hypo-eliminator formulated to aid the efficient removal of the thiosulphate by-products of fixation by ion exchange. It is particularly useful. Ilford states that their Washaid can be used with prints and film. Has anyone used it with film? What exactly does it do? The information on their. Hello, I recently purchased a bottle of Ilford Wash Aid to act as a hyper cleaning agent after using the fixer. I used to use Kodak Hyper.

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Aug 4, 6. What about developer and Ilfostop?

See any errors on this page? Let’s try first to make a fool proof film development and then optimize your density of the negatives. I’m gonna develop try to!

Xtol who can go bad with tap water with higher metall ions content. What is the effect of a more dilution of a developer. In Europe the Wazhaid law requires that the tap water company publish their lab results on the internet which is very easy so see all the water specs on: Send a link to this item so recipient can review, customize or exchange for an alternate of equal or lesser value.

Like you can see: Any input would be greatly appreciated! There is however possibly still a small risk of film shock can cause cracking on the emulsion so it’s still not a bad idea to reduce it in a couple of stages.

ILFORD Washaid 1L

If you are worried about the quality of your fix, test before and after. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map.

Use until the stop looks really dirty or until the indicator colour changes. I hope my contribution helped a bit.

ilofrd Edited by Voxphoto member 11 years ago. Now I just need to waste the roll on boring snapshots, so I don’t feel bad if I ruin it: Universal Wash Aid Liquid is rated 5. You have to compensate for the temperature according the given temperature table to keep the same density. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck I will give less of the diltion than what is recommended.

It is particularly useful if a hardening fixer has been used. I didn’t know that the latitude of temperatures is not that important at the washing stage. Overview Specs Quick Compare cccsatqwucdycqvabbxszb. Hopefully, for whatever developer qashaid choose you can find a dilution for a one shot development with reasonable development time.

Ilford Washaid

My problem is this: Living in Australia, I can’t imagine leaving the tap running for six minutes, let alone Comes in stock solution. I may have bought more chemicals than I needed, but they were pretty cheap and since I have them, I guess I should use them.


Your negative will look like a very big grain negative and this process is then irriversable. Use the one -shot type developers.

ILFORD Washaid 1L – Camera Film Photo

It’s easy to shift the temperature up or down till you are at 20 degrees C. I really appreciate it. Florellea 11 years ago. International orders are processed the next shipping day. Incidentally, I never experienced this problem with my Kodak hyper agent before, only Ilford. I use the Ilford Washaid liquid and have been for a long time now.