Jan Valtin was the alias of Richard Julius Hermann Krebs, a German writer during the interwar period. He settled to the United States in , and in 23 Nov Out of the Night will be misused in many quarters. Jan Valtin came of age as a bicycle messenger during a Communist uprising on the. 28 Sep I doubt whether anyone could be found who would seriously claim that the contents of Jan Valtin’s Out of the Night were not to be treated with.

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This is the first time that Life has devoted two issues to illustrated articles on a booJi. Mar 18, Human Neglect rated it it was amazing Shelves: The fact that he died on New Year’s Day at the galtin of the Red Scare I can’t help but find suspicious, and it suggests that the Comintern might have got him in the end after all. Out of the Night will be misused in many quarters.

He writes novels; he plays the piano; he draws portraits. If Stalin commanded [Georgi] Dimitrov [secretary general of the Comintern in Moscow] to hoist the swastika over the Comintern building, Dimitrov would do it.

Out of the Night: The Memoir of Richard Julius Herman Krebs alias Jan Valtin

Before acceptance of the manuscript of Out of the Night, Alliance made a careful investigation which did not leave the slightest doubt as to the authen- ticity of Jan Valtin’s statements.

Confronted by history with the task of leading society toward new beginnings and a new life, they tried to assume the responsibilities of participating in and guiding the revolutionary struggle of the working class against capitalism.

He spent 38 months in San Quentin State Prison for attempting to murder a merchant navy seaman during a brawl, then was deported to Germany in Father Reinhold was active as a Seamen’s Chaplain on the waterfront of Hamburg in the years from to — years Valtin writes of. Do you remember when you got mad about a fellow you sent to your Mother in Hamburg and the dirty skunk borrowed money from her and said that you told him to get it from her?

In his eyes, it was unimportant. It was this historic necessity that Valtin translated into a dream.

Steve Parsons: Letter – More on Jan Valtin

Imprescindible para todo amante de la historia europeo de principios de siglo XX. Not only this, but the addresses, personnel and leadership Ernst Wollweber and Richard Jensen etc, for the Westbureau in Copenhagen as detailed in Out of the Night have in many cases been subsequently confirmed.

The second memoir is called Children Of Yesterday: Millions of workers the world over must either lead mankind out of the terrible chaos of capitalism, with its bigger and better super-bombs, or endure ever greater slavery, suffering and degradation.

A well-written autobiographical account of growing up in the abject destitution of post-World War I Germany, Out of the Night is a harrowing inght. This might niyht the nightt written and most thrilling autobiography by a revolutionary Jan Valtin, real name Krebs ever written.

Jan Valtin: Out of the Fight

T have been watching all the newspapers toi clippings about you. We’ll be free or we’ll be dead. The fighters of the future will learn from this work many of the fallacies which they will have to avoid.

Dec 03, Ananda rated it it was amazing Shelves: The book received great critical acclaim. The enormous publicity which has attended the publication and sale of this book is unquestionably nght in large part by the interests of the bourgeoisie.

Either way, fascinating stuff. A review for the Saturday Review of Literature reads: Why the complete suppression of internal party democracy? Those who, like Valtin or Eastman, thf the workers otherwise are only deceiving them.

AK Caltin Collectively-owned, worker-run. The book should be read by every American and especially by those who have the foolish notion that the disciples of totalitarian rule are just kind hearted people who have been soured by the persecutions of economic royalists.

fhe Dear fan, I don’t know if you remember me, probably not, it seems a million years since The jab reason it is that it tells a very unpleasant story with a backdrop of social upheaval on a scale largely unimaginable to today’s declining number of readers. It is now oit They fear the effect of these revelations not only on the more recent recruits to the GPU and the rank and file of their party, but on the mass of the workers, for instance those in the maritime industry.

But its significance is enormous, and its meaning at this hour of human history is as wide as the world. His capacity for adaptation gives the impression that he has the world gripped by its throat and tail.

He settled to the United States inand in as Valtin wrote his bestselling book ‘Out of the Night’.