This chapter discusses that the present-day shape of both Murzuq and Kufra basins reflects a Variscan and Mesozoic overprint on an older structural relief. The present work is designed to study the sedimentary cover of part of the Kufra Basin by means of potential field analyses and modeling. The basin has been. Research objectives and the reports of the Kufra Basin Project at CASP, Cambridge, UK.

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The green circles in the desert frequently indicate tracts of agriculture supported by center-pivot irrigation. Units in the statistics table are same as map units. When you hear the sound of the keys in the cell lock your blood freezes. Views Read Edit View history. They took my mobile phone and all the money I had in my pocket and put me in to a cell with other 20 people.

AFR – Al Kufra Basin

Their aeroplanes came down low and bombed houses and mosques and palm groves. Statistics – Plain crustal thickness Median Statistics – Differential Beta Median. They used pieces of iron, sticks Statistics – Base middle crust Median.

Statistics – Crustal vs lithosph. Quando senti il rumore delle chiavi nella serratura della cella ti si gela il sangue. Jump to the following datatype: In Italy allocated kufda for the creation of a detention camp at Kufra.

Statistics – Base upper crust Median. Our rifles were useless against their armoured cars; and they overwhelmed us.

They treated us like beasts. Al Idrisi writes that the place was once flourishing and peopled, but was by that point in ruin, its wells dry, its herds returned to the wild.

ICONS atlas: AFR – Al Kufra Basin

He came to me only yesterday. During the Libyan Civil Warthe area was reported to be under control of anti-Gaddafi forces and not the government of Muammar Gaddafi on 2 April There were no kjfra of casualties in the fighting for the town after the rebels put kufta only light resistance. They were kept separated from us. The location of the profile is indicated in all maps as dashed-dotted thin black line. The town surrounding the Oasis is still dominated by the old fort of El Tagbuilt by the Italians in the mids.

It is possible that this oasis was identical with kuffra the Al Jawf or the Tazirbu oasis, and on early modern maps, the Al Kufra region was often labelled as Berdoa based on this report.

Kufra Basin Project

In al-Idrisi described a place identified by Lewicki as the oasis of Kufra. Statistics – Mantle Lid thickness Median Statistics – TTS sediment Median.

Ci trattavano come bestie. In recent decades, Kufra has become a major point on the route of African migrants who try to reach Europe by various routes, and some of whom get incarcerated in Kufra’s notorious prison.

Kufra Basin Project | CASP

Verlag von Theodor Fischer, p. Such journey conditions are described as “hellish”.

Migrants coming from the East African coast and the Near East pass through and compulsorily stop in Kufra. Original quotes in Italian: At the end of nineteenth century Kufra became the center and holy gasin of the Senussi order. We defended house after house, but they were too strong for us, and in the end only the village of Al-Hawari was left to us.

Kufra Location in Libya. And on the next day he commanded that some of our elders and ulama [scholars] be taken up in an aeroplane – and they were hurled out of the plane high above the ground to be smashed to death