The vector range of frequency inverters is also perfectly equipped to handle complex applications, such as deployments in dosing, filling and feedforward. 2 Mar EDSVSS−9. 9ä. System Manual. (Extension). 75 kW l. EVSxS EVSxS. Servo inverter. Global Drive. The System Manual is the basis for the description of the vector frequency inverter. Together with the System Manual (extension), document number.

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Repeat rotor position adjustment.

Lenze EVS9325-ESV004 Servo-Umrichter Inverter 9300 Series (Power 5.5KW, 4 Pole)

During rotor position adjustment with an absolute value encoder the error Sd7 or SD8 occurred. System error messages General error messages. Enter Details for faster checkout. The absolute value encoder must be initialised. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. The tracks in the SinCos encoder are damaged.

The drive must not be commissioned without a successfully executed rotor position adjustment! SinCos encoder at X8 does not send any data. Please enter your e-mail address and we will send you a confirmation mail to reset your password. Check correct shield connection of encoder cable.

Thank You for your valuable feedback. The intelligent drives in the range are ideally suited to independently control sub-processes within a machine. The rotor position adjustment was cancelled.

Troubleshooting and fault elimination. After an Sd7 fault it is absolutely required to carry out another rotor position adjustment.

Otherwise 930 drive may carry out uncontrolled movements after controller enable. Connect SinCos encoder of the Stegmann company.

Make sure that the cable at X8 is tightened properly, and check it with regard to open circuit. Starting from precustomised standard applications, individual extensions are easy to implement with the help of freely connectible function blocks — which reduces the load on the control system and facilitates modular machine design. We have sent you an email enclosing confirmation link, on 930 ID. No Stegmann encoder connected. Interference level on the encoder cable is too high.

Initialisation error of absolute value encoder at X8. Set voltage supply via C to 8. Please share your feedback and help us improve!

To sign in with your new password, Click here. Email this to a friend or colleague! Know More Price per pack Rs.

Selection of the feedback in C as absolute value encoder or alteration of the encoder constant in C for setting C The range can be used universally in the power range from 0.

We will get back to you shortly!

Download PDF Al/lenze Servo Drive Manual PDF

Supply voltage set incorrectly. Description The intelligent drives in the range are ideally suited to independently control sub-processes within a machine. Absolute value encoder at X8 does not send data. Save parameter set, then completely deenergise the device, and afterwards switch it on again. Check absolute value lenzr with regard to correct function.

Defect of the encoder electronics. Initialisation error of absolute value encoder at X8 l Defect of the encoder electronics l Absolute value encoder at X8 does not send data. SinCos encoder at X8 sends inconsistent data. Please enter correct email. Set voltage supply in C Your password has been reset successfully. Where required, decelerate the actuation of the fault message via the filter time constant.

Error during rotor position adjustment the error is saved with mains failure protection.