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The BCD has 22341 modes of operation that account for the boundary effects of the Lsy mold that would not occur in the field Li Table 8 presents the ley 22431 available hammer masses and their applications. This was done by measuring the CIV for soil samples with a range of moisture contents compacted in Proc- tor molds using standard and modified Proctor compaction efforts, as well as testing soil samples at a constant moisture content ley 22431 variable dry density.

The results of this study showed that the GeoGauge modulus was ley 22431 than those measured by other in situ test devices. In addition, the DCP test results need to be corrected when the DCP penetrates through geosynthetic reinforcements placed in mechanically stabilized embankments.

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In addition, the resilient modulus values of the tested soils measured in the laboratory were found to be approximately twice those obtained by the GeoGauge. The ley 22431 ond category consists of devices that apply static, vibratory, or impact load to the ground, then estimate the stiffness based on the load and displacement measurements using veloc- ity transducers or accelerometers ; these devices include the Briaud ley 22431 device BCDthe GeoGauge, and the light weight deflectometer LWD.

Those ley 22431 use different ICMVs to evaluate the level of compaction.

Do you enjoy reading reports from the Academies online for free? Sand, silty clay, and aggregate base were tested using each device. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Thus, careful con- sideration should be given when analyzing their results and using them for compaction control. ICMVs are computed based on either the measurements of accelerometers mounted on the roller drum or machine drive power MDP measurements.

The authors found that the BCD modulus correlated well with the ultrasonic pulse velocity results. Test results indicated an increase ley 22431 the DCP blows at greater depth, which was attributed to the effects of the con- fining pressure.

Higher variability was observed for uneven surfaces e. In addition, George suggested that the LWD load-deflection history should be checked continuously for inconsistencies. Based on the results of regression analy- sis conducted on the data obtained in ley 22431 study, Abu-Farsakh et al. The field component included performing GeoGauge and ley 22431 density gauge tests at points during placement and com- paction of two embankments ley 22431 of Portland cement- stabilized ley 22431 sediments.

They concluded that the CIV was a good indicator of the degree of compac- tion for granular materials. Figures 56 and 57 present photographs of two types of LWD. Influence Depth Briaud and Rhee found that the depth of influence varied with modulus of materials such that it decreased from to mm 3.

Do you ley 22431 want to delete this prezi? A modulus compaction curve in the lab first has to be developed to establish a target modulus from 222431 curve. The effect of successive drops at the same spot on deformation-time histories is shown in Figure The devices 224311 different influence depth values.

The authors explained that it was not realistic to know the Proctor maxi- mum density for every ley 22431 type found at a construction site.

During impact, the accelerometer mounted on the hammer produces an ley 22431 pulse, which is converted and displayed on the control unit. However, Jayawickrama et al. The author concluded that the LWD is a viable device for characterizing subgrade soil provided that the imposed stress level is ley 22431 the linear elastic range of the tested soil.

Therefore, the GeoGauge modulus must be corrected to account for design loads.

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Finally, for the gravel soils, ley 22431 authors reported that it was difficult to use these devices for compaction control because there was significant scatter in the PSPA modulus. In a later study, Chen et al. Repeatability Several previous studies have indicated that the GeoGauge had similar or better ley 22431 than other in oey test devices.

Non-Nuclear Methods for Compaction Control of Unbound Materials documents information on national and international experience with non-nuclear devices and methods for measuring compaction of unbound materials.

For example, Figure 61 shows the deflection at the end of the pulse moving lley the opposite ley 22431 instead of returning to zero.

Red and green light signals provide a clear, instant ley 22431 of when compaction should be stopped or continued. The measured soil stiffness from the GeoGauge can be key to calculate the soil elastic modulus.

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Results also showed that the effect of dry density on the measurements ley 22431 the three devices was not significant. Le, both ley 22431 relations were improved when the moisture content was included in the regression analyses. The authors recommended that LWD plate size and falling mass drop height should be standardized to obtain consistent and reliable data.