Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture has ratings and 9 reviews. Paperback book. Web site: nics. Uncle Fester Secrets Of Methamphetamine Manufacture 7th. (Author) Pediatric Secrets, Fifth Edition pediatric books. “Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture” ” Now edition , with shake and bake update! ” Avoid killing yourself and those around you with flawed directions .

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Toluene is cheaper, and less of it is needed because it evaporates more slowly during the Secrrets process. This is caused cither by having the distilling flask too full or by having the heat turned too high. This allows an underground chemist to diversify the chemicals used, and en- ables him to defeat a blockade on his phenylacetic secrets of methamphetamine manufacture supply.

Jeremiah rated it it was ok Mar 11, By the way, 5 bars of hydrogen chloride routed through H2SO4 dehydrator was real hell methampjetamine it goes out secrets of methamphetamine manufacture control Clandestine operators also keep in mind secrets of methamphetamine manufacture the law allows the central scrutinizers to add chemicals to the lists without warning or approval. This flask changing is done as fast as possible to prevent the material in the distilling flask from getting too hot during the change over.

The magnetic stirring bar does not go in the oven either. After one hour, let it cool down, or when it is a small batch, take a sep funnel filled with water and mix it with your hatch.

Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture 8th Edition – Uncle Fester – Google Books

This second hand market seems to be, at the time of this writing, completely unpoliced and full of eager sellers. B is manufacutre back into the sep funnel, and 50 ml of benzene is added.

The pan is filled about half-full of cooking oil Wesson works fine. Get to Know Us. The filter cake can now secrets of methamphetamine manufacture dumped out onto a glass or China plate not plastic by tipping the Buchner funnel upside-down and tapping it gently on the plate. As a precaution, he equips his vehicle with a radio scanner. In that case, the methylamine screts be piped directly into the for- mic acid. But if it is humid, the water flow is not started until the glassware is assembled.

When the mixture has begun boiling, the heat is adjusted so that about one or two drops per second drip into the collecting flask. The very thought that home chemical experimentation might have some pur- pose other than drug manufacture has been ban- ished from the general secrets of methamphetamine manufacture.

With the sulfate salt, recrystallizing the product is required to get out excess sulfuric acid, which turns the product to mush over time. A thermometer is also needed in the oil bath to follow its temperature.

Uncle Fester (author)

Ships from and sold by Amazon. Anthranilic acid and its salts 30 kg 2. This problem occurs during the process of manyfacture HC1 into the meth- amphetamine.

After the two hours mxnufacture passed, the heat to the flask is turned secrets of methamphetamine manufacture. What has just been done is to convert the pyridine into pyridine hydrochloride, which dissolves in water, but not in toluene.

Read a testimonial by,”The Aussie Clandestine Chemist” by clicking here. Views Read Edit View history. So all I got was a liter of chloroform I had to tote around secrets of methamphetamine manufacture 8 years. It should be clear to pale yellow in color. Then it is distilled, and methmaphetamine more methylamine is pumped into the mixture. Most chemical suppliers will not deal with individuals, only with corporations and companies.

The same ml flask is put on the collecting side. If ether is used, it is anhydrous contains no water. Then the vacuum hose is attached to the Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture Fifth Edition 14 vacuum adapter and a weak vacuum produced secrets of methamphetamine manufacture side the glassware.

For the duration of the reac- tion, the contents of the flask are stirred with the thermometer every half hour.

Just sitting a round bottom flask secrets of methamphetamine manufacture a hot plate surface is a poor way to heat this flask. Within about 10 seconds, the odor of methylamine can be detected above the N-methyl- formamide. For instance, strong hot acids will dis- solve even stainless.