Lemuria /lɪˈmjuːriə/ or Limuria is a hypothetical “lost land” located either in the Indian or the Pacific Ocean, as postulated by a now-discredited 19th-century. Sumathi Ramaswamy. The Lost Land of Lemuria: Fabulous Geographies, Catastrophic Histories. Berkeley: University of California Press, xvii + pp. 5 Jul BOOK REVIEW: The Lost Land of Lemuria: Fabulous Geographies, Catastrophic Histories by Sumathi Ramaswamy (University of California.

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The Lost Land of Lemuria Summary –

According to the theory of plate tectonics, Kand and India were indeed once part of the same landmass thus accounting for geological resemblancesbut plate movement caused India to break away millions of years ago, and move to its present location.

During the nineteenth century, Lemuria was imagined as a land that once bridged India and Africa but disappeared into the ocean millennia ago, much like Atlantis.

tje Arun Augustine marked it as to-read Jun 14, The idea lemuri Lemuria was subsequently incorporated into the proto- New Age philosophy of Theosophy and subsequently into general fringe belief. She proposes that preoccupation with such loss “manifests itself in the fascination with vanished homelands, hidden civilizations and forgotten peoples. American Historical Association members Sign in via society site. The interesting thesis of this book is that belief in Lemuria is a reaction to modernity.

Sclater observed lpst thirty species of lemur were to be found in Madagascar, while only a dozen or so lived on the African mainland and only three in the region of India. Ramakrishnan Manivannan marked it as to-read Sep 08, To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. No trivia or quizzes yet.

The Lost Land of Lemuria: Fabulous Geographies, Catastrophic Histories by Sumathi Ramaswamy

Nabil marked it as to-read Mar 11, The Lost Land of Lemuria widens into a provocative exploration of the poetics and politics of loss to consider how this sentiment manifests itself in a fascination with vanished homelands, hidden civilizations, and forgotten peoples. Ted Nield rated it really liked it Jun 09, Accounts of Lemuria here differ.

Accounts of Lemuria by occultists are at great variance with scientific views of natural history. Tyrone rated it liked it Oct 03, Lemuria in popular culture. Ajona rated it really liked it Jan 02, Lemuria as the cradle of humanity was reinterpreted by the great occultist H.

The Lost Land of Lemuria Summary

The first systematic attempt was made by Melchior Neumayr in his book Erdgeschichte in Dec 09, Ronald rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lilienthal book in Asian studies A Philip E. During Sclater’s life, these disciplines were burgeoning with the knowledge and data then being collected around the world, and the concept of Lemuria fit comfortably into the worldviews of the scientists collecting such data.

Blue Hole rated it it was amazing Dec 17, Lemuria was quickly taken up by those involved in biogeography the study of the distribution of plants and animals and paleogeography the study of earlier stages of the earth’s geography.

It has been known from the evidences that the Sindhu Civilization is prior to B. Books Digital Products Journals. Acep Ruslan rated it it was ok Aug 06, Jul 03, Anita rated kand it was amazing.

C 12, to B. Unsourced material may be challenged and th. Citing articles via Google Scholar. Tamil intellectuals took up the idea of Lemuria as the lost homeland of the proto-Dravidians.

And one of the data collected by him in his own hardship throws the light on the intellectual research as: Paris marked it as to-read Jul 10, Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Sumathi Ramaswamy ultimately reveals how loss itself has become a condition of modernity, compelling us to rethink the politics of imagination and creativity in our day. Benjamin rated it really liked it Feb 12, More than a consideration of nostalgia, it shows how ideas once entertained but later discarded lxnd the metropole can travel to the periphery—and can be appropriated by those seeking to construct a meaningful world within the disenchantment of modernity.