June 14, R. E. DIL-:NER 2,, TURRET INDEXING MECHANISM Fild April 5 Sheets-Sheet 1 F/GJ f Arrow/Ys June 14, R. E. y A. E. DRISSNER ETAL 2,, TOOL TURRET INDEXING MECHANISM Filed Jan. 21, 5 Sheets-Sheet 1 F lG.l. INVENTORS; ALFRED E. Jan. 27, A. BECHLER 2,, TURRET INDEXING MECHANISM FOR AUTOMATIC LATHE Filed Dec. 21, 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 ‘III/Il’IIIIII/IIIIIII 2 Jan.

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USA – Tool turret indexing mechanism – Google Patents

The turret 55, Figs. This limit switch 49 is that which controls the initiavtion of the indexing movement. In an automatic machine tool having ‘a frame, a turret journalled in said frame for rotation, a main cam drum rotatable in said frame, a plurality oftool slides on said turret, a cam follower co-operating with said cam drum to effect feedmovement of said turret slides, an indexing disc rotatable with said turret in said frame, at least one notch in said indexingvdisc, a Geneva gear rotatable with said indexing’disc, a rotary arm journalled in said frame and co-operating with said Geneva gear-to index same by at least a partial inedxing thereof, a worm wheel rotatable with said rotary arm, a worm meshing with said worm wheel and journalled in saidframe, an electric motor.

Heretofore many automatic machine tools had a main cam drum turned slowly and geared with the mechwnism, and this main cam drum controlled all movements of the various slides, indexing of the turret, and the stock feed mechanism.

An indexingmechanism as delined in clairn emchanism where- Y mthere is provided brake means effective on said ydrive train and control means for said brake means lndexing to automatically apply said brake means upon deenergi- Zation of said electric motor and to release said brake means upon energization thereof.

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Figure l2 is a sectional view of the device shown in Fig. The main object of the present invention is to avoid this drawback and to render the duration of the indexing operation independent of the rotary speed of said camshaft although the beginning of the indexing operation is controlled by this camshaft.

Figure ‘7 is a vertical longitudinal sectional view of the turret-slide and taken through the axis of the turret to illustrate a portion of the mechanism and showing a lower fragmental portion of the turret, and is taken on the line 1 -‘1 of Fig.

A draw sleeve 31is fastened to the draw rod Feed movement does not commence, however, until the pneumatic cylinders 43 and 81 have been actuated downwardly because the fifth limit switch 94 is a safety switch.

When the third limit switch 87 is again actuated by mechanismm lock bolt 68 seating in a notch, the electrical control circuit is conditioned for resumption of the rotation of cam drum An indexing mechanism Vas defined in claim 2 wherein the power drive for the indexing cam tugret includes means for reversing the direction of rotation of said drum and under the control of the operator Ywhereby the turret can be selectively indexed in either direction; Y.

During backward movement of the turret carriage, to the right in Fig. In such lathes means are often provided which permit the rotary speed of the camshaft to be changed in dependence on the size of the workpieces, so that similar machining operations differing from one another only in their duration may be controlled by one cam.

Theteeth of the toothed elements are. Aswill be more clearly herein’- after pointed out, switch A is connected to a stop and brake mechanism for de-energizing and braking motor50 by an electrical circuit which will be described hereinafter.

The turret indexing may be controlled by dogs on the main dog-drum of the machine and may be disconnected from said control by the dog-drum dogs and be controlled through other controls, as desired. The same reference characters have been used for the same parts throughout, and in the drawings: Gurret invention is shown as being applied to a singlespindle automatic bar machine tool having a turret.

Moreover, when switch is closing contacts 28 andas just mentioned and as shown, current passes from conductors 25 iindexingnormally closed interlock switch 2ii6, conductor i’, normally closed indexing-stop-switchconductorrelay. The cam track 61 is formed by a plurality of I cam plates Figure 9 is a sectional view of a detail showing the locking bar operating cam and fragments of adjacent parts.

Both are controlled by a 4-Way valve actuated by a solenoid connected to the electrical control circuit The locking bolt 46 is slidably housed ina slideway provided therefor in and under the top wall of the turret-slide 02 and the locking bolt is continuously urged toward the locking disc by a helical compression spring 41 which has its forward portion seated in a bore 48 therefor provided in the locking bolt and has its rearward portion abutting a fixed part of the turret slide part 50 and encircling a guide pin 49 secured to part The feed of carriage 3 being hydraulic, the stops 16 function directly as abutments preventing further feed of the carriage beyond indfxing predetermined point set.

An externally threaded sleeve is loosely tted over a reduced end portion of internally threaded bushing’ and rigidly secured to turning handle by means of a set screw Thus, if in the particular tooling set up one or more of the ondexing faces are not needed, a stud 91 may be threaded into the appropriate tapped holes 90 to skip this turret position.

A cam shaft 3 is rotatably mounted in bearings 2 integral with bed 1 and has mounted thereon a toothed wheel which is constantly in mesh F’atentedJan. A gear 26, keyed to another portion of said shaft 25, meshes with a gear 21 keyed to a shaft 28 Within the turret-slide 02, shaft 28 being journalled in suitable brackets 29 and 30 on the turret slide.

It should be noted that the arrangement and kechanism of the parts designated by the reference numerals 6 to 10 may be varied according to the particular requirement. Soule, Barrington, and Gordon W.

US2635326A – Automatic turret indexing mechanism for lathes – Google Patents

A central vertical spindle 43 is secured at the lower end on the sleeve-like flange 4 and extendsupwardly through the bottom 44 of the turret to support a bearing 45 therefor. A primary locating plungerFig. The depthof the contactpattern or bearingsurface is substantially mechanusm to the depth of each Y toothf Y.

A conventional outwardly spring-biased roller formsV a part of switch A and rolls upon the surface of cam However, after momentarily opening VswitchA, the switch Aris automatically Yclosed again so that the circuit hurret complete Vf orthe next indexing operation. As is most always the case in automatic lathes, the turret-slide ’32 i brought forward feed or cutting; positions by a znotion-usually referred to as rapid traverse, to.

The rat-trap spring performs the function’fof returning the turning handle and cam sleeve y’ to a central Yneutral position whereby the switch lever is automaticallyreturned toV the ofP orrneutralposition N. The piston 18 would idexing returned to its right-side starting position well before it had completed its stroke and the indexing of the turret 11 would consequently not be completed.

This means that the cam shaft 60 continues for another degrees rotation to index the turret another indeixng degrees. VA plug VmemberQS, having an axially extending portion 29 is mounted within a cntral’stepped recess 30 in turret member Y VA plug VmemberQS, having an axially extending portion 29 is mounted within a cntral’stepped recess 30 in turret member Likewise, a disk turref closes the outer end of opening Figure l is a front view of a single-spindle automatic machine tool embodying the turret indexing mechanism of the invention.

The invention further resides in certain novel features of construction, and combinations and arrangements of parts, and turfet objects and advantages thereof will be apparent to those skilled in the art to which it pertains from the following description of the present preferred embodiment thereof described with reference tkrret the accompanying indexlng in which similar reference rcharacters represent corresponding lparts throughout the several views, and in which: Cam 51 is also provided with an indexing cam surface or groove of an open circuit type comprised of a run-in portion Il, a dwell portion Id, an indexing portion IX, another dwell portion Id, and a runout portion 1.