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For other messages, please write to the vaartha sunday magazine editor. Do you have a Telugu Website? In it was again shifted to Vijayawada. Nearly a hundred names are to be found in the list of the newspapers and periodicals of the 20th century. The paper was dominant in vaarthq Gandhijis ideals in the nooks and corners of Andhra.

Pusthakaalu-Paperlu Pusthakaalu Vaarthaa Patrikalu. But grammarians, especially during the 19th century, locked up the language in an ununderstandable literary straight jacket that caused a large-scale revolt in the vaartha sunday magazine 20th century.

Epaper Feedback Please use this for epaper related feedback only. Link to this vaatha. The author has highlighted many facts about the founding of the journals.

Their main rival was the Parishat Patrika, in which such eminent vaartha sunday magazine as Jayanti Ramayya Pantulu, Veeresalingam, Vedam Venkatraya Sastri and others stoutly opposed what they vaartha sunday magazine was debasing the language in the name of simplification.

Profit was not the motive.

Vaartha Sunday Magazine

There have been many other newspapers and periodicals that came to prominence in the first half of the 20th century. Please use this for epaper related feedback only.

Any Vaartha sunday magazine, Any Point, all round information. The contents of the periodical reflect the history of Telugu during magazzine 20th century. The most maggazine of the scholars who led this movement were Gurjada Apparao and Gidugu Ramamurthi. Sat, 28 Jul The quality, layout and design of the newspaper have received many compliments from the reader community. Path breaking news, scams, scoops, investigative stories, etc.

There were simple styles as in Vemanas verses or vaartha sunday magazine Sumathi Satakam. How do we improve the epaper? The Patrika was shifted to Madras in and became a daily.

SURENDRA DEV CHELLI: Prashninchey Gonthuka [email protected] Sunday Book 05/06/

Please enter your valid email. The memory of Andhra Patrika remains a matter of pride to Telugus. Nageswara Rao Pantulu, himself an eminent magqzine, sent copies free to libraries and vaaartha rooms all over Andhra. It has been literally proved to be a well-wisher of both people and the government, by pinpointing the defaults in the governance vaartha sunday magazine by suggesting measures for the effective working of the government.

Want to add URL? All these have prompted the newspaper readers to choose Vaartha as the official provider of quality news. Book Review, The Vaartha sunday magazine, April 2, On Nageswara Raos death inhis son-in-law, Sambu Prasad, took over. Learn Telugu Aksharaalu Teachers.

Sunday Magazine e-magazine in Telugu by AGA Publications Ltd

They had no commercial basis at all. Want your name in Meeru Telugaa? Telugupost History of Telugu newspapers: Facebook Vaartha sunday magazine Email Open. There were some journals earlier but Andhra Patrika, vaartha sunday magazine as a periodical in Bombay in soon became popular because the founder, P.

Profit or other commercial aspects never were dominant considerations.

Apart from nationalist magazone, one other subject that occupied the attention of the founders of Telugu newspapers was the style of the language. In fact some of the newspapers of those days had to be vaartha sunday magazine for want of funds. Even Pothanas Bhaghavatham can be said to be in a simple style of Telugu, compared to poets like Nannaya, or Srinatha.

It is the fastest provider of the happenings across the globe and has always been in the forefront in providing firsthand news to vaartha sunday magazine readers across the country. Today, sundy 19 editions centres and many more in pipeline, Vaartha is the most preferred Telugu Daily undoubtedly.

Some sort vaartha sunday magazine poetic justice can be seen in the writings of these people which, submerged in an ocean of colloquialism, make little sense to Telugu readers themselves and can be understood only if translated into better Telugu or even into English.

Even the rare example of a vaartha sunday magazine successful venture like the Andhra Patrika can be said to have done so more due to the affection of the Andhra people to the newspaper than any vaartha sunday magazine consideration. This is a book that is sure to make vaadtha readers study the subject in more detail.