– Buy Vidura Neeti book online at best prices in india on Read Vidura Neeti book reviews & author details and more at Arjunsinh K. Parmar. 7 The Greatness of Vidura Neeti in the Mahabharata — R. Sampath There is a famous saying. “If one wants to know how to lead a good life, . Vidura is one of the central characters in the Mahabharata, a major Hindu epic. He is described Vidura-niti, or Vidura’s Statecraft, narrated in the form of a dialogue between Vidura and King Dritrashtra, is considered the precursor in some.

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He who speaks ill of his own wife. But he that, having attained immense wealth and prosperity or acquired vast learning, does not bear himself haughtily, is reckoned as wise. Vidura addressed him, saying: He, whose heart vidura neethi in unsteady, or who does not wait upon the aged, or who is of a restless disposition cannot make friends.

The Vedas never rescue from sin a deceitful person living by falsehood.

Hindu deities and texts. These vidura neethi in are the marks of a wise man, viz. People never desire him for a master whose grace is fruitless and whose wrath goes for nothing, like women never vixura him for a husband who is a eunuch.

Forgiveness subdues all in this vidura neethi in what is there that forgiveness cannot achieve? Let counsels be not divulged.

Vidura Neeti – విదుర నీతి

I shall ask you a question. The wrath of Bhishma, O thou of the splendour of Indra king of godsof Drona, and the king Yuthishthira, vdiura consume the whole world, like a comet of large proportions falling transversely on the earth.

Be thou poor or be thou rich, thou should honour thy friends. When life itself vidura neethi in unstable, one should in the very beginning avoid that act in consequence of which one would have to indulge in regrets having entered ln chamber of woe. He who desires to have that which is unattainable. He should not ignore persistent sufferings of those that depend on him, even if the suffering is small. Therefore, my body is burning, and that has produced sleeplessness.

He who never boastfully strives to attain the three objects of vidura neethi in pursuit, who when vidura neethi in, tells the truth, who quarrels not even for the sake of friends, and who never becomes angry though slighted, is reckoned as wise.

He that is wicked earns wealth, it is true, by putting forth his strength, by constant effort, by intelligence, and by vidurs, but he vidura neethi in never win honest fame, nor can he acquire the virtues and manners of high families in any of which he may be born.

Even as a serpent devours animals living in holes, the earth devours these two, viz. He that is weak should forgive under all circumstances. Then Vidura began to think of that Rishi of rigid vows. Considering these one should begin an act, and not take vidura neethi in up on a sudden impulse. On preceptor controls them whose souls are under their own vidura neethi in the king controls persons that are wicked; while they that sin secretly have their controller in Yama, the son of Vivaswat.

Vidura Niti with English translation by C. These two persons never shine because of their incompatible acts, viz.

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Listen to me, O king. Making our lives forfeited, we will ask them this question that are competent.

Great fear springs from these three crimes, viz. Those trees, however, that grow in close compact are competent vidura neethi in to mutual dependence to resist winds more violent still.

Vidura Neethi from the Mahabharata

Apprise Dhritarashtra of my arrival. Health O king, without wealth no good quality can show itself in a vidura neethi in. He that never gives way to anger, he that is above grief, he that is no longer in need of friendship and quarrels, he that disregards both praise and blame, and he that stands aloof from both what is agreeable and disagreeable, like one perfectly withdrawn from the world, is a vidura neethi in Yogi of the Bhikshu order.

He who strives, having commenced anything, till it is completed. Vidura neethi in son of Pratipa, at the time of that gambling match, I told thee, O king, – vidura neethi in is not proper. Soon after, he retired to the forests as an ascetic with his half-brother Dhritarashtra and ivdura sisters-in-law Gandhari and Kunti.

Carefully listening to these words, if thou can act according to them, thou wilt obtain great fame in this world of men, and fear will not be thine here or hereafter.

Favour thou the heroic sons of Pandu, O monarch, and a few neethu vidura neethi in assigned to vudura for their maintenance. Decrepitude destroys beauty; ambitious hopes destroy patience; death destroys life; envy, righteousness; anger, prosperity; companionship with the low, good behaviour; lust, modesty; and pride destroys everything. Those eight, O king, vidra the world of men, are indications of heaven. One is freed from those things from which one abstains, and if one abstains from everything he has not to suffer even the least misery.

Other kinds of virtue there are, but these proceed from caprice.